Not too long ago, the cPanel Control Panel seemed to be an indisputable leader on the hosting scene. Its popularity grew so large that nowadays cPanel is a synonym of Control Panel. Nonetheless, the cPanel Control Panel has been created on out–of–date concepts and what was very successful eight years ago is not valid presently.

For this reason, we engineered the Quickhost Control Panel, designed around the concepts of nowadays and geared up for the trials of tomorrow. It is built to operate in the cloud, to always be easy to use and to help you control all aspects of your web presence: website, domain name and invoicing, all from one place.

1. Domain/invoicing/site adjustments

If you wish to manage your domains, websites and billing from a single location without the need to resort to any additional panels, the Quickhost Control Panel is just what you want.

If you need different site management tools – one for your web sites, and another from which you can handle your domain names and billing, then cPanel is made for you. Nevertheless, you’ll have to sign into two locations simultaneously to effectively control your online presence.

2. File Structure

Controlling numerous domains and web sites from one cloud hosting account should be trouble free. With the Quickhost Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain is located in a separate folder and is completely separated from the other.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you will have a single folder for your main website and all the extra sites are located within this directory. This would make managing many different websites from one interface very confusing.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager in the Quickhost Control Panel, you’ll have absolute control over the data files of your sites. You’ll be able to easily add new files with a drag–and–drop capability, effectively change several files at the same time by way of the multi–selection functionality, extract archives in a mouse click, change files utilizing the integrated generic and WYSWYG editors and many more.

The File Manager integrated in the cPanel Control Panel was revised many times over the years, nevertheless it still is unable to provide a quality experience when compared with other online data file administration applications. You are unable to employ a drag & drop functionality to publish files, the zip/unzip tool could be difficult to rely on at times and the file management user interface is restricted in capabilities.

4. Cost–free Bonus Tools

Using the Quickhost Control Panel, you will get a good deal of no–charge bonus features put together by our company. They are offered for free with each website hosting plan, which works with Quickhost’s Control Panel. With each package, you can use instruments such as the Simple Site Installer, the Free Web Apps, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Complimentary Website Building Instrument, an array of Advanced Resources, and a lot more.

Each individual web hosting supplier offering cPanel decides on their own exactly what 100–percent–free bonus features to to incorporate into your web hosting deal. Furthermore, as cPanel is a commercial Control Panel, the zero–cost extras also have to be covered by the website hosting company. This will undoubtedly boost the cost of your website hosting plan, so the cost–free bonus features bundled in your service will in reality be fee based.

5. Control Panel Speeds

We’ve improved the Control Panel to run smoothly with our hardware and software solely. This will make it much quicker than alternative Control Panel solutions. We’ve as well configured it to

implement the whole capacity of your Internet access – the speedier your Internet connection is, the better our website management solution works.

cPanel continues to be operating on a platform from a decade ago and will certainly slow down from time to time. The cPanel development team has completed a large step with the launch of cPanel accelerated. Nonetheless, in evaluation experiments, common web site administration functions frequently show better outcomes with less popular Control Panels.

6. Multi–domain name Controls

Using the Quickhost Control Panel, you will be able to control a wide range of domains and sites from one place. Transitioning between domain name management and website management is completed by simply moving to a new part of the Control Panel. It is not necessary to log into a different web address to handle your web site.

The cPanel Control Panel keeps different elements separate – you will have to handle your domains from 1 login area and your websites from a different one. Each web site features its own Control Panel. Controlling a lot of sites from a single Control Panel is also possible, but could be puzzling simply because all of the added domains will be stored in the directory of the primary domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

The Quickhost Control Panel is very easy to browse through. You’ll have a practical top menu, from which you can get to virtually any area of the Control Panel, without the need to get back to the homepage each time. In addition, we have designed a quick stats widget on the index page, so every time you sign in, you’ll have information of how many site visitors have recently attended your website.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the homepage is the sole location that has hyperlinks to the various areas. In case you go into a menu and wish to instantly change to a different one, you’ll have to return to the homepage and browse further from there. Such type of navigation can slow down your work when you need to instantly execute several operations all at once.

8. Trial Accounts

With the Quickhost Control Panel, we have prepared a fully featured demo interface for you to examine in advance of sign–up. You will have access to an evaluation Linux cloud packages account from where you can easily configure email addresses, install web apps, make brand new sub–domains, and also create a website with any of the web–site builders, etcetera. Should you like what you have created – you you can easily join us within the demo interface and keep anything you have come up with up to now.

From the demo website hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll be able to solely get acquainted with appearance of the interface. Virtually all capabilities are inaccessible and also you cannot actually go off the home page. With many hosting companies, you will be given entry to a normal cPanel demo version, and will never be able to look at the Control Panel you’ll in fact be utilizing to manage your sites in case you sign up.

We can list just about every functionality of our Site Control Panel here and compare it with the cPanel Control Panel. Nevertheless, it will be a lot quicker if you take a quick look at our live demo and find out the visible difference on your own.

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